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Vajgel Kft.

Professional Auditing and Taxation

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We are proud to welcome our clients among our satisfied partners for years. It is attributed to the fact that we treat our partners the way we treat our own company: we flexibly react to the needs of our clients. We strive for finding the optimal solution to every problem. We find personal and direct contacts inevitable and we think that unconditional professional confidentiality is a must.  Our satisfied customers give essential feedback on the justness of our strategy.


Our company is a member of the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors.

We subscribed to and maintain a professional liability insurance.


    • Ongoing and case-by-case audits
    • Auditing annual and interim reports
    • Auditing balances of company transformations
    • Validating lists of contribution-in-kind
    • Validating the opening balances of companies adopting a new taxation system
    • Auditing consolidated accounts
  • Auditing normal or consolidated reports under IFRS
  • Supervising financial reports, statements
  • Auditing value adjustments
  • Due diligences, due diligences related to acquisitions
  • Auditing EU-funded projects


  • Annual and interim reports
  • Balance sheets for company transformations
  • Documentation for contribution-in-kind
  • Opening balance sheets for companies adopting a new taxation system
  • Consolidated accounts
  • Cooperation with the preparation of IFRS financial statements
  • Financial reports, statements (also in English and German)


  • Supervising, creating administrative systems
  • Creating or restructuring financial and accounting systems
  • Supervising, developing management information systems
  • Acting as an internal supervisor
  • Consultation on accounting, clearing and settlement
  • Business and management consulting
  • Preparing accounting policies and accounting standards
  • Transfer pricing policy documentations (preparation, supervision, auditing)
  • Consultation on the preparation of IFRS accounting policies
  • Ongoing or case-by-case information on major legislative changes


  • Supervising taxation systems
  • Tax advice, tax optimization
  • Preparing annual and interim tax reports
  • Self-audits, amended returns
  • Representation before tax authorities
  • Consultation and advice in tax supervision processes


  • Company formation (supported by legal background)
  • Company transformations (supported by legal background)
  • Consultation on company formation
  • Preparing loan applications, business plans

Our company was founded by Mária Vajgel in 1991. We have expert background, many years of experience in accounting, auditing and taxation.

Könyvelő és adószakértő 14. kerület - képrészlet_003
Könyvelő és adószakértő 14. kerület - Vajgel Mária
Mária Vajgel

Certified Economist

Chartered auditor

IFRS auditor

Tax advisor


Könyvelő és adószakértő 14. kerület - képrészlet_002

Contact us

Vajgel Könyvvizsgáló és Adószakértő Kft.
+36 309 505 363
E-mail: ria@vajgel.hu