Counselling-, taxation- and other services


  • Supervision and development of management and administration systems
  • Development and transformation of accountancy and financial systems
  • Supervision and development of managerial information systems
  • Preparing informative signs (also in English and German)
  • Performing tasks of internal audits
  • Counselling in accountancy and settlement of accounts
  • Business administration and management counselling
  • Possibility for consultation personally, by phone or by e-mail
  • Preparation of accounting policy and regulations
  • Providing continuous (and ad hoc) information about the main legal changes


  • Completion of interim and year-end reports
  • Preparation of self-revisions
  • Representation at the authorities
  • Tax advising in case of tax examinations
  • Providing tax-related advice


  • Company foundation (with legal background)
  • Arranging transformations (with legal background)
  • Counselling services about company foundation
  • Offshore counselling
  • Company foundation in Lichtenstein (with legal background)
  • Preparation of loan requests and business plans